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PiddlePodder 1.0

  • Publisher:Craig Maloney
  • Version:1.0
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PiddlePodder 1.0Description

Piddlepodder is a podcatching client.
Piddlepodder is a podcatching client. It imitates the simplicity of bashpodder with a few added features.PiddlePodder downloads podcasts from a list of XML feeds and puts them into a download directory by date.No effort is made to copy the resulting files to an iPod, nor will this application interface with a directory, since it's just a simple podcatcher.Piddlepodder offers the ability to mark the set of podcasts as current (catch up). This is handy for first-time users who would otherwise be stuck downloading every show (sometimes since the beginning of the podcast) which can lead to hefty download times and large amounts of disk space.PiddlePodder owes a debt of gratitude to PerlPodder, the code of which drives the XML parsing in PiddlePodder. Thanks to Sam Versluys et. al for creating PerlPodder.Requirements:· Perl Modules · Digest::MD5 · XML::DOM · LWP::Simple · LWP::UserAgent · Getopt::Long· wgetWhat's New in This Release:· Moving the release number to 1.0, as the software does mostly what I need it to do.· Also updated the TODO so if anyone wants to maintain the project, there's a list of things that· I've received as suggestions over the span of the project.

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